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About Us 

The efficiency of telephone conversation is inversely proportional to time spent on it, but AY SIM is here to change this.

AY Security Ltd is an mobile telecom company focused on the secure and protected telecommunication in worldwide. The company was established in May 2010, UK. 

The first year of the company has been devoted to the acquisition of key secure telecommunication technologies.  

The AY SIM will ensure you have the highest level of security and protection for all your personal, financial and location information.



  • Secure voice CLI (Caller number substitution)

  • Secure text messages CLI (Caller number substitution)

  • Secure data (Internet)

  • Compulsory coding

  • Virtual number (We currently have over 100+ countries as part of our coverage.)

  • Secure voice substitution

  • Optimisation of expenses

  • Protection against complex of interception of calls

  • Concealment of real location

  • Secure messenger AY Phone 

  • Secure E-mail AY Mail

Research and Development

With the wide range of telecommunication equipment owned and operated by the company together with the vast experience of the management team we are happy to carry out research for third parties. We see this as an integral part of our business both from a 'smart' customer point of view and to continue to develop the technology and remain in the vanguard of the industry. To this end we have laboratory facility under construction in order that we can develop this side of the business further.


Design and Build

The AY Security Ltd company products combines a package of mechanisms which are aimed at preserving all confidentiality during conversations in a GSM system.

We also offer a design and build service to customers upon request. In most circumstances it makes more sense for AY Security to carry out the executor, however on occasion it would be more practical and beneficial for the customer if they were able to carry out this operation on site. We are happy to work with the customer to educate them in the technology; train them in the operations; and then build a billing system according to their specific requirements.

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