AY SIM everywhere

AY Security sim card will ensure you have the highest level of secure connection and protection for all your personal, financial and location information. AY Sim card meet the needs of a demanding market place for a cost effective and  secure global communication. 

AY Security offers mobile phone and SIM card users a high degree of coverage and secure cellular via the GSM mobile network.

Who uses AY Security

  • High profile individuals, celebrities, high net worth clients

  • Bank officers, Corporate and Financial Institutions

  • CEO/CFO of national and multinational companies who need private conversations regarding business strategy

The AY SIM will ensure you have the highest level of security and protection

for all your personal, financial and location information everywhere!

  • Secure CLI (Caller number substitution)

  • Forced effective data security protocols that protect and secure data

  • Interception protection

  • Secure voice substitution

  • Expenses optimisation

  • Virtual number (We currently have over 100+ countries as part of our coverage.)

  • Protected geographic location of an object

  • Secure messenger AYM 

  • Secure E-mail 

Our global roaming AY SIM offers our customers a low cost way to stay securely connected when travelling overseas. Whether for business or leisure the need to be efficiently connected at all times is essential. Customers are able to both call and use data with confidence and ease in over 200 countries without the worry of incurring extra charges or fraudulent interception. By reducing expensive roaming charges our secure sim card is the perfect solution for the regular traveler.

​The demand for better AY Sim security and connectivity whilst travelling abroad is not being dealt with as quickly as the consumer needs it to be. People require better options and are limited to only the main network plans and often find they Incur extra charges when travelling abroad. With AY Security sim we offer competitive priced plan allowing you to always be securely and conveniently connected.

If you are looking for the leading secure sim card option for your team we can tailor a plan to suit your requirements and provide sim’s for as many of your team as you need. This is the perfect way to ensure all correspondence concerning your business is private and secure from fraudulent interception.

Living in such technically innovative times its now hard to have total control over who can access and share your important information. Almost all phone security systems are run through apps and this means that information is transferred through WiFi to get to the chosen portal destination. With AY Security sim card all your information is held in your SIM of which only you have access too through a pin.