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AY Security is at the cutting edge, developing modern communication solutions to meet needs of a demanding market place for cost effective, secure, global communication

Peace of mind on the go....

Secure telecommunication

to over 190 countries in the world

Always keeping customers connected

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Convenience & Secure Location

Secure connection of AY Sim card keep private location and secure actual number of the customer.


Security & Encryption

All conversations and data are encrypted in accordance with the best cryptography technologies.

Mobility & Privacy

AY security service provide unlimited data plan with global coverage.

1.  Know your fixed costs in advance

2.  Get your AY Sim within 24 hours

3.  Insert AY Sim card in your Phone

Why choose AY Sim ?

  • Cost efficient

  • Know the cost of calling and data before use

  • Secure data 

  • Encrypted voice solutions

  • Protected MSISDN (mobile number)

  • Country specific DID (virtual number)

  • Coverage over 190 countries world wide

  • Secure mobile telecommunication 

  • Secure messenger 

Mobility & Privacy

Convenience & Secure Location


Security & Encryption


AY SECURITY with a shared vision


Privacy is a priority with AY Sim. Data on your sim is secure and encrypted with a protected passcode. AY Sim will not sell your information to anyone third party for any reason. We provide update information that helps you protect your information and your data from security threats.

Encryption applies to every feature e.g. calls and SMS.


From number substitution to voice encryption, our service is all about ensuring your information is kept personal. Unlike with regular network providers, AY SIM cards are impossible to trace through voice recognition or billing records.


Need to get off the grid? One of the main features of our SIM card is that it can hide its real number, making it impossible to trace. You can even redirect all calls from multiple AY Sim cards to a single one for maximum protection.



The AY SIM card has various privacy functions that the AY SIM cards as easy as entering a unique code at the beginning of every conversation. Dial the recipient’s number, enter one of the special AY Sim feature codes into your phone and enter the world where this conversation didn’t happen.


We offer a 24 hour service for all our customers. No matter where you are in the world, we have real people ready to assist you. Whether you want to increase your data or use an alterative number. Our support team are here to help you at times.

For customers support please contact with +44 208 089 9988

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