About Us

AY Security is at the cutting edge ,by developing modern communication solutions to meet the needs of a demanding market place for a cost effective and , secure global communication

AY Security offers a solution for mobile telephony which is unique. In business controlled communication costs by knowing in advance the costs of calls and SMS charges for a SIM that can be utilized globally

Unlimited international calls and text messaging. Unlimited roaming across the world with location and number privacy included

In addition where discretion is required AY Security can offer it with a secure SIM card , encrypted voice solutions and a protected mobile number not disclosed ,if so required

With AY Security all your information is held in your SIM of which only you have access too through a pin.

AY Security offers mobile phone and SIM card users a high degree of coverage via the GSM mobile network

Your CDR ( Call Detail Record )will contain either a random number or a number that belongs to the AYSEC server

‘Having a Sim pin means that all your information on the card is protected against any misuse’